Essential Plumbing Tools Every Property Owner Must Have

When you can observe a severe drain clogging or if your basement’s sewage backs up, then those are some of the signs that you need to employ a plumber. But what if you experience only the minor plumbing problem that must be dealt with? As you can still resort to leaving it to the Basel Kanalreinigung in Switzerland, know that you can always try the DIY approach to fix such issues. Some plumbing issues are straightforward to do, which only need the right tools and a bit of patience. Most of the time, such projects can easily be managed by anyone. Even though you don’t like the notion of DIY projects for your plumbing system, you still need to know some plumbing tools that all property owners should have with them. Here are some of them:  


An adaptable wrench  

An adjustable wrench is known as multi-functional, multi-use, and can loosen and tighten all kinds of bolts and nuts. If you’re planning to take over any kind of plumbing work within your house, then you should guarantee that you own a wrench that can be adjusted.   

A snake and an auger 

These tools are combined since they normally work collaboratively. A snake and an auger are made for drain clogs, which a normal plunger can’t do. Typically, augers are reserved to be used in toilets. They have a distinct design as well that enables them to move via the drain, hook onto a clog, and then pull it out. The snake is quite versatile as well since you can utilize it on other appliances like sinks, showers, and tubs. 

A pipe wrench  

This plumbing tool is mainly utilized to loosen or tighten things that are hard to grasp with other types of tools. A pipe wrench has a metal handle and 2 jagged jaw-like arms that you can adjust to properly fit on a connection like a glove. This tool is ideally intended to help replace, remove, loosen, and tighten pipes, making it one of the must-haves in terms of plumbing tools.   

Duct tape  

Duct tape is your go-to tool in terms of emergency quick repairs. Duct tapes can make a seal around or in a leak, which intends to block off water attempts to get out. Moreover, this tape has a hearty design and is water-resistant, making it the ideal stop-gap solution between permanent repair and searching for a leak.   

A plunger  

You should own at least 1 plunger or more within your house always. Plungers that each property owner must have come in 2 types:   

Flange plunger- This is ideal for toilets since it has more soft rubber that comes from the cup. Also, it has an extra component—recognized as the flange—that can assist to make a seal especially on curved surfaces, just like what your toilet bowls have.  

Cup plunger- This effectively works if you want to clean out a drain clog in the tub, sink, or anywhere the drain lies on flat surfaces.   

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